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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 27, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PST

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anwhat presidents, did they return any gifts? what got returned? send us your crazy pictures of gifts you didn't want this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> it's "fox & friends." >> live from rockefeller center in the heart of midtown manhattan which is still completely completely fastooned in holiday colors and christmas colors thanks to our friends at 1-800 flowers. >> i got this for christmas, a tie clip in the spirit of "mad men" my wife said. >> it's monogrammed. >> that's the word. >> did you order a scotch, also? >> straight vodka. if you've ever seen the show, you know what i'm talking about. >> that's great. we appreciate you waking up from your christmas stupor to join us. >> holiday slumber. >> we need to talk about iowa. it's just one week away so all
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the candidates are preparing as are the protesters. >> wait, what? >> the occupy protesters have a plan for occupy caucus and as i understand it, what they're hoping to do is have people show up at caucuses but not actually vote for any of the republican candidates, just vote uncommitted. >> they're not even going to be voting. the idea is they know that all the media oxygen right now is taken up by politics. so what they're going to do is the people who are depicted on the cover of "time" magazine are going to go to iowa. we're talking about occupy people from boston, chicago, detroit, kansas city, los angeles, madison, lawrence, kansas, my alma mater, new orleans, new york. they're going to be arriving this week. the idea is what they'd like to do and there's the h.q. and they would like to get arrested in front of various campaigns headquarters as well. >> right. they're going to stop by all the different caucuses as much as they can and some of them have
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been camping out at that campaign headquarters sleeping on the floor. as many people start to arrive but, of course, this is the final push with one week to go for these ads now and over christmas weekend, they tamped them down a little bit. they were friendlier. they were showing wives. if you want to seem softer, you bring out the wives. i bring out alisyn if i want to seem softer. >> how does your real life feel about that? >> she's ok. they rolled out some christmas ads this weekend that had the wives. now the real ads are coming out and mitt romney out with a new ad this morning you'll see probably up until next week. take a look. >> i'm going to do something to government. i'm going to make it simpler and smaller and smarter getting rid of programs, turning programs back to states and finally making government itself more efficient. i'm going to get rid of obamacare. it is a moral imperative for america to stop spending more money than we take in. it's killing jobs and it's keeping our kids from having the bright prospects they deserve. the experience of balancing
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budgets is desperately needed in washington and i will take it there. i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. >> so that's a positive. it portrays what he would like to do as president of the united states. >> doesn't talk about his opponent. it doesn't hit on them. >> and there were plenty of those. in fact, right now in the ad wars, they've all got ads up except for michelle bachmann, curiously enough because she's really banking on iowa and huntsman who has for the most part taken a pass on iowa. meanwhile, the governor of the great state of texas, rick perry is out and taking a shot at washington. >> if washington is the problem, why trust them to fix it? among them, they spent 63 years in congress leaving us with debt, earmarks and bailouts. congress gets $174,000 a year and you get the bill. we need a solution. >> that's the reason i've called for a part-time congress. cut their pay in half. cut their time in washington in half. cut their staff in half. send them home. let them get a job like everybody else back home.
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>> i'm rick perry and i approved this message. >> let's take a look at where the candidates are in the polls today. everything is a snapshot but today, it's interesting, real clear politics crunches all the numbers together and then gives you an average and ron paul is at the top with 22.3%. >> perhaps more telling, though, is where newt gingrich is this morning because all the headlines if you read their take on this poll is newt slips to third. look at that. who was up in iowa? a lot of people have been making the point about newt gingrich that of those candidates who have surged, michelle bachmann, rick perry, herman cain. he's the one guy that has had staying power. maybe we're starting to see some of those fissures. >> what's at play is those negative ads. millions of dollars of negative ads have been heaped on newt by ron paul and mitt romney as well. i know we like to take the high road and like to think, let's have those ads like we just saw from mitt romney, positive about what he'd do, fact of the matter
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is negative ads work and when you call into question their political record and bunch of stuff flying around out there, it's taking its toll on newt. >> meanwhile at the end of the day, how much does iowa matter? that's what we've been talking about here. if ron paul wins iowa, you can write off iowa all together or what iowa means for the larger nomination. if you look at the track record of what the iowa caucuses actually mean for picking a winner, it's not that good. it's only twice, right? i mean, look at the first one there. >> three times so this is a graphic that shows you the winner of the iowa caucus and who would be the eventual nominee. as you can see in 1976, ford won both. in 1980, george herbert walker bush won but it was reagan who was the nominee and you have dole in 1988 from nearby, kansas, but herbert walker bush was the nominee. >> michael barrone in "the wall street journal" today was very funny. >> huckabee won in iowa but
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mccain went on to be the nominee. >> funny editorial says as goes iowa, so goes iowa because that's it. you can't necessarily see it as a bellwether or take it as what it ultimately is. it's interesting, we're all sort of fascinated and hanging on what's going to happen at the caucuses but doesn't necessarily mean anything beyond iowa. having said that, mike huckabee was on our show and he says what it is it imbues your campaign with lots of money. >> perhaps the three left standing. that's why you have newt gingrich spending so much time in south carolina. he says that's his firewall. the high water mark for him will, of course, come in south carolina. and again, out with a new ad sort of steeping himself in history, of course, much was made over the weekend about his comparison with his campaign setback to not being on the ballot in virginia to pearl harbor. he's out with a new christmas ad
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from 1776. take a listen. >> general washington and his troops had been defeated in september. driven from brooklyn to manhattan, from manhattan to north of new york city. around the palisades, across new jersey. they declined from 30,000 troops in september to 2500 effectives on christmas day. of the 2500, 1/3 -- >> historian, i should say. and so he's giving us all a history lesson but, you know, he doesn't suffer from lack of self-esteem. >> i mean, basically what pundits are saying is he's likening his campaign to george washington's impact on the country. >> some parallels. >> you can see some parallels as you saw parallels of being taken off the virginia ballot or not making the virginia ballot with pearl harbor attack and so this is -- i mean, you know, this is sort of vintage newt in terms of
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being a history buff. >> sure, one of the things that people have liked about newt, during the debate they'd say that newt won, he had some great ideas and we loved the zingers he threw at his various competitors but during a lot of the debate performances, he has injected a little bit of history. he's reminding people that he's got a sweep of knowledge not only of washington, d.c. but of american history as well. >> i'm watching that eye cast on you. >> and you guys always give me the stink eye when i imbue some history. i'm a history fan. you guys give me the eye roll occasionally. do you worry that he runs the risk of becoming sort of a parody, right? >> no. >> once he shows up on "saturday night live" when they do some sort of mock debate where one of the guys says back in 1775, then it becomes parody, right? >> given that, it's not particularly hurting him so much if you look at the gallup poll, the national numbers where you
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ask everybody across the country, who do you like? despite all the negative ads, newt gingrich, history professor is still in first place. keep in mind the margin of error is three points, so technically him and romney is tied and paul is in third place and then you got the back of the pack. >> crunch time. crunch time, baby. one week to go. >> let us know what you think is going to happen in iowa. meanwhile, get to the rest of your headlines. tell you about this sad story. the search for a missing indiana girl comes to a tragic end. police found the body of 9-year-old aliahna lemmon. ft. wayne investigators have taken her neighbor, a 39-year-old into custody. he was babysitting the girl friday before she disappeared. police are not saying where they found the remains or many other details. we know the possible cause of that christmas day fire that took the lives of three children and their grandparents. investigators believe it's possible that embers from the
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fireplace ashes likely started the fire at the million dollar mansion in connecticut. the children were daughters of calvin klein art director madonna badger. badger and one other person were inside at the time of the fire but managed to escape. reports just in from iran that an american c.i.a. agent is being put on trial today for alleged spying. arizona native amir hekmadi, a former marine has been accused of infiltrating iran's intelligence service. this is a photo of his passport provided by the iranian government. according to government, he was arrested last august. his family denies those claims saying he was forced into a confusion on iranian television earlier this month. a big monday night for drew brees and the new orleans saints. >> 87 yards, he throws! touchdown. >> i'm now going to do sports. fasten your seat belts. brees set the nfl record for
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yards passing in a season breaking a mark that dan marino held for 27 years. new orleans saints punching the nfc east title. i could have told you all that. those are your headlines. >> thanks. >> next up, the mall! >> actually, were you at the mall yesterday? i made the mistake of going to the mall. >> you're out of your mind! >> neighbors warned me and i still didn't listen. we had to get a gift -- we had to return something. >> you didn't have to do it right then. you have 30 days. >> i drove by a mall yesterday. a mall parking lot and it was more crowded than the highway that i was on. it was gridlock in the mall parking lot. >> at 5:00 a.m. yesterday, it started for people returning those unwanted gifts because of all those sales, too, that were available. >> take a look at this, yesterday was now referred to as mega monday. it is the third biggest shopping day of the year. look at that. $469 billion in sales expected this holiday season. that's up a little bit. so many people went to the malls yesterday because they wound up with giftcards so they wanted
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to, you know, go ahead and get some bang for their buck. >> yes, but they also didn't like the presents that you gave. they wanted to immediately return them. i mean, you rushed to the mall immediately. like i got to get this sweater out of my property. i got to get this. it's interesting you called it mega monday because they're looking for a name for it. it doesn't always fall on a monday, the day after christmas. >> sure. everything is half price. why not? >> black friday. we need a name for the day after christmas when you just unload the crap that you got. >> listen, my wife told me, she said as we started opening things up. she goes nothing is going back this year. nothing is going back. imagine the dilemma i had. we have a graphic of a special hat my wife gave myself and my son. there we -- they are super all weather hats. personally, i think that if i wore that on television, once upon a time she bought me a cowboy hat and i wore it for years on this channel. if i wore that, people would simply think that the weather is so dangerous, they should head
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for the hills. >> or that you are. >> or that you're ammish. you've been churning butter all morning. >> that's an all weather hat. it is guaranteed never to get there. >> the reap -- reason you shared your photo with us, will that make it in the pile of returned gifts? >> it will not go back despite the fact that millions of americans take billions of stuff back. number one, it is practical and i don't want to hurt my wife's feelings. we've bet you've gotten a present for christmas that's going to go back. if so, e-mail us, tell us what it is or perhaps like what i've got right there. >> graphic evidence. >> share a photo, friends at because this won't embarrass your wife. >> what does peter think of the hat? >> he loves the hat. he loves the hat and was wearing it all of yesterday as we took out the garbage. >> ok. show us your worst gift and send us a picture. >> military has rules in place to deal with religious attire. why is the department of defense
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caving to pressure from a muslim activist group? we'll get to the bottom of that. >> the side effect that our government didn't see coming. the standard light bulbs bursting into flames. oh. >> that's a design flaw. >> that's not good. sna
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sna>> after the muslim activist group care complained when this 14-year-old girl in tennessee was not allowed to wear her hijab while marching with her junior rotc in her school's homecoming parade but the army has always had rules in place to deal with religious clothing. joining us right now is the president and founder of the american islamic forum for democracy who served for 11 years as an officer in the u.s. navy, dr. sahudi jasser and joins us from phoenix today. good morning.
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>> good morning. nice to be with you. >> great to have you as well. let's start with -- for a while, the u.s. military has allowed nonstandard head wear, right? >> right. there's been an evolution. in the 80's, the supreme court ruled in favor of the air force they didn't have to allow a jewish service member to wear a capa and in the 1990's with the religious freedom act and two years ago, there was a directive, dod directive that basically said they would start to make allowances for headgear and other cuteriments as long as they stayed within uniform and there was exceptions applied for. there's been a part of the policy. there are a number of sikhs serving in the military wearing their turban and even their beerdz. >> care is going look at this, we were able to change the law. that's not exactly right, is it? >> it isn't. i mean, what happened in tennessee was unfortunate that her jrotc did not know the rules
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and should have told she could have applied for an exception. care taking credit for this is like the rooster taking credit for the morning. this had been policy. the unfortunate thing is the department -- the army's letter, they sent to care and they really shouldn't have. the f.b.i. in 2008 in a letter to senator kyle basically said they don't recognize care because they have not been clear on their position on hamas. they have the army saying based on their concerns, they're addressing this which is inappropriate and feeds into empowering these islamist groups that is not really the reality and the army already had a policy in place and there are others that are affected by this policy. >> sure and the only reason they would ever be denied wearing what they would prefer, religiously, would be a safety issue. i mean, i remember a couple of years ago some -- a woman was denied wearing a ponytail because it's not safe.
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>> exactly. and it takes -- and that's why you need exemptions. having served for 11 years, i understand there has to be uniformity and they want the soldier's safety related to wearing chemical biological masks and wearing good seals. once they prove they can do that, it's on the exemption. there's a process to do that but all of a sudden to take this 14-year-old girl from tennessee and make her another part of the ambulance chasing civil rights movement rather than actually dealing -- yes, it's important that they have the freedom to wear it, but as muslim organizations we should be more concerned about what's inside their head rather than what's around their head. >> well put, all right, dr. jasser joining us from phoenix very early. thank you very much and happy new year. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us, friends at straight ahead, they didn't even try to get on to the virginia primary ballot so is it time for candidates like michelle bachmann, rick santorum and jon huntsman who, perhaps, leave the
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>> welcome back. some quick headlines for you. new video of prince phillip leaving the hospital in cambridge, england. he spent four nights there after undergoing treatment for a blocked coronary artery and this mysterious bar of light shooting through the night sky. check this out. over europe on christmas eve. left many people perplexed as
3:24 am
you can imagine. it quickly became a trending topic on twitter with people wondering what the heck was going on. an aerospace researcher said it's junk from space from the russian suyoz rocket. >> was it santa claus? >> exactly. display of fire. >> thank you. >> ron paul and mitt romney are the only two republican presidential candidates on the virginia primary ballot. newt gingrich and rick perry tried to get on but failed to collect enough valid signatures. what about the candidates that didn't even bother? michelle bachmann, jon huntsman and rick santorum? what should they do? for a fair and balanced debate, we're joined by a former aide and chairman of civic forum pac, ford o'connell. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> what are we to make for the candidates who didn't even attempt to get on the virginia ballot. it's an important state, isn't it? >> it went for obama four years
3:25 am
ago and it will be a tough battleground state this year. if you're not willing to compete in 50 states, you can't be president. if you're not willing to compete in a state that has a very strong republican block, you really can't seek that republican nomination. at least that's the way i feel looking at it from the outside and for those who couldn't qualify like newt gingrich, if it's too complicated to get on the ballot in virginia, it's too complicated to negotiate with the lights of putin and ahmadinejad when you become president so i don't understand why these guys are even in the game. >> how do you interpret this? >> i love when i get my inside baseball from the republican story from chris. i think for bachmann and santorum, they're not going to win the nomination and they don't have the national appeal to beat obama in the general election. i don't think they should gracefully step out. jon huntsman is a slightly different story. while he has the inroads with republican primary voters, he
3:26 am
could conceivably defeat president obama in a general election given his record from the state of utah. if jon huntsman doesn't gain ground in new hampshire, he should step aside as well. >> here's the crazy thing. i want to show the viewers the latest quinnipiac poll of registered voters if the primary was held today, newt gingrich is at the top. he's not going to be on the ballot. something is wrong with the process, isn't it? >> listen, it's not very difficult process. i know he's complaining that it's difficult. he needed to get 10,000 signatures and 400 signatures in each of 11 congressional districts. that doesn't seem like a monumental task. how do you put together a serious presidential campaign with a serious organization? he would have accomplished that. that's not this complicated and, again, being president of the united states is far more complicated than that. but i do agree with stuart. >> i could not disagree with you more, my friend. >> but for -- what do you say to that? that gingrich wasn't able to pull it off? >> listen, the virginia ballot
3:27 am
process is archaic. even the attorney general says that much. what concerns me about the fact that we only have two candidates on the ballot in virginia and there's no write-in is the fact that primary turnout is going to be low and the fact there's no primary on the democratic side and the fact that virginia voters don't register by party tells me we'll have a hard time, the eventual republican nominee organizing virginia and that's a real concern to me because if the republican presidential nominee doesn't win virginia, we won't beat president obama in 2012. >> it comes down to this, with the exception of romney and huntsman at times, the republicans have been a bunch of goons. newt gingrich is while e. coyote. i don't know how they think they can be president. >> trust me, newt gingrich will beat president obama if he gets the general election because
3:28 am
he's a strong conservative leader. when he gets up there and debates him, i'm going to pull up and watch him like the super bowl. >> you need to know your historical facts. >> that's it, guys. we got to go. thanks so much for the debate. always interesting. we appreciate you coming in. meanwhile, the government says everybody has to buy them. here's something they didn't tell you, some of those new light bulbs are bursting into flames. and president obama gave back donations from disgraced new jersey governor jon corzine but it turns out he did not give back all the money tied to that failed firm, m.f. global. 'twas the night before christmas and it wasn't a mouse.
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don't our dogs deserve to eat fresher less processed foods just like we do introducing freshpet healthy recipes of fresh meat and fresh veggies so fresh the only preservative we use is the fridge freshpet fresh food for fido >> welcome back to "fox & friends." check out your shot of the morning. a family in bountiful, utah. >> is that anamatronic. >> it looks like it, doesn't it? rock of fire explosion. it's not, it's a visitor the night before christmas. one of santa's reindeer, the deer reportedly came crashing into the home's window before making his way downstairs hanging out in the bedroom. and animal experts finally came to remove it. it's just hanging out. >> he looks amused. >> he's looking at all the different awards and -- >> log on to the computer. >> hold still, i need to hang
3:32 am
my hat somewhere. >> oh, deer. >> oh! >> all right. i hate that. >> you caught that in your headlines? >> let's find out. >> let's bring you your latest news. this very disturbing story. police in detroit on the hunt for a serial killer they believe is targeting female escorts on the web site three of the four women found dead earlier this month had profiles on that site. all the bodies were found within blocks of one another on the city's east side. investigators still have not determined a cause of death for the victim. and a medical flight ending in tragedy when a helicopter crashes on its way to retrieve a heart for a transplant. the chopper had just left the mayo clinic in jacksonville, florida and heading to gainesville hospital but they never made it. all three people on board died instantly and the ntsb is now investigating. compact fluorescent lamps or
3:33 am
cfl's are more energy efficient than other light bulbs but could be more dangerous. since they launched their on-line safety complaint data base in march, there have been 34 reports made about cfl's, some say they emitted smoke or burning odor and there are four other reports of them actually catching fire. >> aren't they full of mercury? >> i'm not sure. >> i think they are. >> that's a design flaw. they're catching fire. they're calling it a christmas miracle. the texas family that survived being trapped in their car for two days buried under more than four feet of snow is now speaking out about that horrifying ordeal. >> all he said was i love you and we'd pray, you know, and if this is god's will, it's god's will. there was even one time she said i'm thankful we're here together as a family. it's a difficult place to be. >> david, his wife and 5-year-old daughter got stuck on the highway in new mexico when a blizzard swept through the area.
3:34 am
david's wife is still recovering from pneumonia in the hospital. all right. those are your headlines. what about the weather? >> take a look. we've got some winter storm stuff as you can see all the way from the great lakes down through the central mississippi valley at this hour. it's a rain event from the tennessee valley through the mid atlantic and down through portions of texas. central plains are nice and dry. a little bit of snow activity as you can see in the higher elevations of the wasatchs and the cascades way out west. on this tuesday that feels like a monday, it feels like winter. 27 in boulder. 20 in caribou, maine and here in the big town in new york city, we have 40. same for raleigh. 40 as well in memphis. it's actually warmer right now in new york city than it is in dallas and san antonio, texas, and certainly warmer than el paso where they currently have 28. day ahead looks like this, it's going to warm up a bit as you can see the mid atlantic, mid 60's. 63 today in raleigh.
3:35 am
then you've got 50's and 60's along the gulf coast. if you're lucky enough to live in tampa, 75 there. almost 50 in kansas city. almost 40 in chicago and almost freezing today in minneapolis. >> almost 60 in new york. that's shorts weather, alisyn. >> ok, let me put some on. >> let's talk about this. new poll out this morning, post christmas on what americans want. not for the holidays but what they want from their government and a new rasmussen poll shows americans feeling on taxes and spending. take a look at this. does the government spend or help when the government spends money, does it help or hurt the economy? 57% of americans think it hurts the economy. >> three years ago, people were worried what the government would do in response to the economic crash and as it turns out, many feel that the government didn't do enough. now what they're saying is this is interesting. 77% oppose increasing the deficit whereas 2-1 are opposed
3:36 am
to increasing taxes. what it shows is that when you say would you like government to cut spending, they go yeah. until you get into the weeds about ok, which spending? if you start to cut somebody's entitlement, maybe not so much. >> the polls are a little bit all over the place. what it also shows is that more people worry that the government won't do enough. so they do want government intervention. 42% of u.s. voters worry the government will do too little. i'm sorry, will do too much whereas 50% worry they won't do enough so americans do want the government to do something. the question is what to do. is spending the issue? >> so much money went into the stimulus and so many americans felt that was close to a trillion dollars where the money is frittered away. not as good as spending money. >> there are a number of economists that are split of what tax cuts do. and the payroll tax cut debate, economists seem split 50/50 on how that was measured. so does the rasmussen poll, they
3:37 am
ask folks about the tax cut issue. 52% think it helps the economy, right down the middle and 21% think it hurts the economy on doing tax cuts. maybe they're as split as the economists. >> if you cut the taxes for the people who create jobs. what we want right now are jobs, we want a lot of jobs. if you cut the taxes on the people and the companies that create the jobs, then they've got an incentive whereas, you know, there's so much uncertainty right now and suddenly i'm sounding like stuart varney coming up next, there's so much uncertainty right now, they don't know how to plan for the future. why hire people if you don't know what's coming down the pipe? >> i did also think that was interesting for those people who do want government to do more which is the majority, that they are evenly divided between those who want tax cuts and those who think tax hikes would help. this is why it's complicated. if there were an easy solution, they would have done it already. and even americans are divided about what the solution is. >> but they're unified. 77% say we don't want to increase the deficit so people are saying, ok, we want more but
3:38 am
we're not necessarily willing to spend for it. >> i'd love to know what person answered the phone in this poll and they asked the question, do you want the government to increase the size of the deficit? yeah, go ahead. i'd love to know those people. >> call us if you're that person. >> speaking of stuart varney, remember this? >> corzine was at the forefront. he worked with me to develop the recovery act but he's also one of the best partners i have in the white house. we worked together. >> i lit -- literally picked up the phone and called jon corzine and said jon, what do you think we should do? >> where is corzine these days? it turns out the former democrat governor of new jersey jon corzine isn't quite the ally the white house wanted after all. >> the president's campaign just returned more than $70,000 in campaign contributions that jon corzine gave to them after he drove his investment firm m.f. global into bankruptcy. after? >> it actually happened on friday night during a typical when no one is paying attention
3:39 am
night. >> we were. >> in terms of distancing themselves from m.f. global, that's as far as they go. "the new york post" reporting they're holding on to $150,000 in contributions tied to the bankrupt firm. stuart varney is here to break it all down. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> that money that was given back quietly or at least reported on friday night, there's still money hanging out there. does this hurt the president or leave more questions unanswered? >> i think the president wanted to leave this behind in 2011. wants to march into 2012 with a clean slate so they tried the dump of the news item late on the friday, the friday before christmas. but as "the post" points out, there's still a lot of money with the democrats and with the obama campaign that came from m.f. global. and that's going to come back in the new year, the scandal continues in the new year. specifically, there are several leading executives, top executives of m.f. global who maxed out in contributions to the democrats and to president obama. $150,000, that's not yet being
3:40 am
given back and there's another $500,000 with jon corzine bundled together and gave to various democrats and to the president himself. >> right. is there some fear that this is connected to the millions and millions of dollars that are missing at m.f. global? >> well, money is fundable. where does this money that was contributed to the obama campaign come from? there's no suggestion that it was from clients' accounts but it came from m.f. global which has now lost its reputation as being a good judge of the markets and a valued partner. >> speaking of being a good judge of the markets i would imagine that someone over in the rnc basement has recorded all that stuff where the president says, you know, when the going gets tough, we go to jon corzine and joe biden says the same stuff. obviously he has made a gigantic financial blunder here and for the democrats to say this is in our party when it comes to money, that's not helpful. >> those soundbites of joe biden, vice president biden saying he's a great guy. he's a smart guy. first guy we called. that's going to live to haunt
3:41 am
the president and his campaign in 2012. >> we count on bernie madoff to help us out. >> yes, look, the president wanted to get rid of this. the document dump on the friday before christmas, but it's going to carry over like solyndra will carry over into the new year. the downgrade will carry over into the new year. >> speak to a larger problem of crony capitalism? we were hearing jon corzine's name floated about as a possible replacement of timothy geithner at treasury secretary, right? >> it does. crony capitalism had been applied to various people connected to president obama. it's not going away. there's a re-election campaign in full swing. it will be brought back big time. >> if it's not going away, why not give back the $150,000. >> good question. >> or the half million. >> the big we is why not? i have no answer to that one. >> you're going to be doing your show. what are you talking about? >> we're going to see a nice rally on the market this morning because it appears we really were shopping big time over the holidays on line in particular. stocks are going to go up again.
3:42 am
>> we were asking our viewers to send us examples of gifts that they had to return. i know your wife probably isn't watching right now. >> there she is. >> then you're keeping everything, right? keeping it all. love it all. even that -- >> it was a very successful present giving christmas, i have to say. nothing back. >> tell us off the air, don't worry. >> i will. >> always great to see you. check him out at 9:20 eastern time on fox business network. >> one of the things, if there's something you really don't like that you don't want your wife or spouse to see you taking aback. >> gifts to clayton. >> no, e bay. stuff on ebay. >> explains every year why i get an odd gift from you. >> a knitted hat. what happened to a warm cup of coffee to wake up? now there's caffeine that you can breathe. yes, breathable caffeine. he's doing that right now. and guess what, kids can buy this. how safe is it? the medical a team is here to weigh in. >> inhale that. saw the video. next meet the hero. the store clerk that punched
3:43 am
this guy out. knocked off that would-be robber right before christmas. we'll talk to him. urney across , i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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3:45 am
>> all right. police now have a suspect in the shooting of california soldier christopher sullivan. late yesterday, ruben ray jerardo, that is to say, surrendered to police in san bernadino. sullivan was shot and paralyzed after an argument during his welcome home party. he recently survived a bombing attack in afghanistan. and talk about driving someone up a tree. a speeding driver in india lost control of his car and landed in his awkward position staring straight up at the sky. and he walked away with nothing but bumps and bruises. and, perhaps, a little
3:46 am
embarrassment. clayton? >> you know, steve, that looks like the tree from the harry potter show. you know what i'm talking about. you have no idea what i'm talking about? >> we also want you to send in, if you have some great pictures, that's a great picture this morning. if you can send us great pictures of your terrible christmas gifts that you got, that you are planning to return today, you can send them to us at friends at you can send them as well. this morning, you saw that video yesterday and you're not going to believe this armed & dangerous, that didn't stop a store clerk from fighting back. look at this. stopped a would-be robber with a single punch. left-handed punch no less and held him down until the police arrived. whole thing was caught on tape. we're joined by that store clerk this morning. nice to see you, derek. hope you had a good christmas after that incident. can you hear me, derek? >> we lost him.
3:47 am
you know what? that's what happens. that's redemption. we're going to try to get back to derek in just a second here and get his ear connection fixed up. well, much more on the show coming up. in fact, we're going to talk more about iowa this morning, newt gingrich says the road to the white house leads straight through south carolina. former south carolina governor mark sanford is here to weigh on what his state will mean to the gingrich campaign. plus who needs coffee when you can have this? caffeine that you can breathe in, you can inhale it. anybody is allowed to buy it. how safe it? our medical a team is up next with that. [ male announcer ] you have dreams... goals for the future... what if they were stolen from you? by alzheimer's. this cruel disease is the sixth leading cause of death, and affects more than 5 million americans. the alzheimer's association is taking action,
3:48 am
and has been a part of every major advancement. but we won't rest until we have a cure. you have dreams... help the alzheimer's association protect them. act now, go to
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3:51 am
>> all right. welcome back to "fox & friends." we promise we got some of the technical difficulties worked out this morning. we're joined by that clerk who was this guy in the video that managed to punch out that would-be robber. nice to see you, derek. sorry about the ear issues earlier. >> that's fine. >> it's fine. you must have had an interesting christmas following this incident. walk us through what happened and you were only at this job for about a month. at the we buy gold store and take us through exactly what happened. >> i was just sitting there, you know, waiting on a customer to come in and the door opened up and i looked up and i saw a man come in with a sweatshirt with a hood up and a bandanna on his face and he said, he said i got a gun. he said give me the money. give me the money and so i -- you know, i stood up and i told him, i said, you know, i said you can take the money if you want it and he said get it for
3:52 am
me. you know, get the money so i reached in the drawer to get the money and when he -- i got the money out and he pulled a bag out so i guess to put the money in and i kind of -- i got him to -- i got him to take the bag from my hands and so when he reached out to get it, you know, i saw an opportunity to take control of the situation so -- >> that's smart thinking. i mean, i think for most of us, maybe everyone in this room, except for alisyn, we will all probably run in the other room or try to call 911 or something like that. what were you thinking? you see a gun pointed at you. were you worried he would fire that gun at you and were you worried about risking your life by reaching over and punching them. they would say step back, give them what you want and let him leave. >> yeah. when he walked in the door, that's the first thing. the first thing that i thought of. i thought of my family and i just, you know, i said, you know, i'm just going to do whatever he tells me to do and
3:53 am
then, you know, somehow, i just controlled my heart rate and i just, you know, settled down and like i said, i saw the opportunity to take control of the situation. >> i mean, he was out cold. did you have any boxing experience growing up or are you a part-time professional boxer or something? >> no. like, you know, like i said, i just saw an opportunity and i just -- i gave it everything i had. luckily, you know, it landed and i knocked him unconscious. >> and here's the guy now, of course, we're showing the picture of you, you did a pretty good number on him. you were holding him down and what happened next when you punched him and knocked him out? >> you know, well, he came to and, you know, he asked me to let him go. and, you know, he just -- he was out of it. he didn't really know where he was. where am i? how did i get here? >> and you held him until the police came and you later learned that wasn't a real gun but a pellet gun that would have done some damage. you didn't know that.
3:54 am
putting your life potentially at risk there by taking it into his own hands. we're glad you had a happy christmas after that incident and we thank that you're safe this morning. thanks so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> don't mess with that guy, ali and steve. watch out. >> derek is a low key tough guy. >> that's right. >> he's there. >> yes. >> well done. meanwhile, straight -- it is supposed to give you the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. in one puff. there are concerns about aeroshot pure energy supplement, will it become the latest dangerous craze among teenagers? now chuck schumer wants to stop the product before it winds up on store shelves. >> dr. david sumadi is here. hi. >> good morning. >> this is a breathable caffeine. you spray it in your mouth like an inhaler and the caffeine gets into your bloodstream faster than drinking a cup of coffee or something? >> exactly right.
3:55 am
this is created by someone by the name of david edwards who is a professor in biomedical engineering in harvard. his history is actually an inhaleable chocolate, inhaleable insulin and now he's come up with this so the technology behind this is actually pretty smart but the big debate here is whether instead of drinking coffee, he should be taking the inhaleers exactly like nebulizers that you take for your asthma. you would take a puff, each one contains 100 milligrams of caffeine. each puff would be 20 milligrams. >> where does the puff of caffeinated air go? does it go in your lungs or wind up in your mouth or stomach or what? >> the company wants to make sure that it's clear that nothing gets into your lungs. >> how can it not if they're breathing it? >> what they're saying is the kind of particles that they have is too big to go through your lungs. that's what they claim. whether it's true or not, at this point, we cannot confirm but the way that this is made is that it gets into your mouth and gets absorbed through the mouth
3:56 am
and digestive system and supposedly doesn't get into your lungs. how true it is, we don't know. a lot of pedestrians are concerned about this because of the risk of asthma, if they get into the lungs, they can cause problems. >> what's your worry? >> my concern as senator chuck schumer brought this up, a couple of years ago, he went on after this four loco which is a drink that had caffeine, it had alcohol and torin and he's going after this because his concern is if it's going to be over the counter, you don't need f.d.a. approval for this because coffee is not a drug. and if all the teenagers are going to have access to it and they are mixing it with alcohol. >> they're not saying it should not be sold at people under 18 or anything like that? >> no, they're saying it should not be sold to 12-year-olds and younger. >> ok. >> and so coffee or caffeine is not well studied in children and the company basically is saying this is not for children. >> look, we know that caffeine -- it's a very good question.
3:57 am
we know that caffeine in adults actually has been helpful. it helps with memory loss. there are studies about alzheimer's and there are studies about even diabetes. i personally, you know, like four cups of coffee a day. i know people say it's too much but i think the coffee in this country is watered down. it's diluted. so that's ok. also a lot of studies with prostate cancer and now endometrial cancer talks about four cups. it's helpful. i would be concerned. i'd say mixing this with alcohol could be dangerous. and i think that we need to look into this further and make sure that it's safe. >> all right. thanks for bringing it to our attention, dr. david sumadi. >> and it's also $2.99 just like blowfish. >> thank you very much. great to see you. you can catch him on "sunday house call" and for more information, log on to our web site. >> does this look like a deadly weapon to you? not to me. the woman who had her cupcakes confiscated by the tsa.
3:58 am
>> then living life of the 1%. former house speaker nancy pelosi enjoying vacation at a 10 grand per night hotel. what's in there? >> everything apparently. it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99. our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon.
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4:00 am
>> good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, december 27th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen carlson this morning. newt gingrich on the attack and going after mitt romney. he says romney isn't really conservative. he's actually a massachusetts moderate. so why did newt support romney care in 2006. >> what? >> we have the new information. >> uh-oh and so much for saving the 99%. former house speaker nancy pelosi taking a much needed vacation at 10 grand per night in hawaii. >> for a single hotel room? wow! meanwhile, they're keeping passengers safe. one cupcake at a time. meet the woman who had her dessert confiscated by the long arm of the tsa. "fox & friends" for a tuesday
4:01 am
that feels like a monday starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's a great way to begin your day. >> good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. hope you had a great christmas weekend. i'm still coming out of my stupor. >> your cookie stupor? >> i was telling folks yesterday i hate a whole plate of cookies for lunch one day. i had two and then it snowballed from there. might as well go for five or six. >> clean off the plate. every time i walked by a cookie, i'd eat one. didn't matter if i was hungry. >> it's the happiest time of the year and that cookie got my name on it. my wife made some -- they did have my name on it. >> that's why you ate it for breakfast. >> but i ate the merry cookies and the -- >> i understand. let's talk about where we are in the political primaries.
4:02 am
one week from now, it's the iowa caucus. all eyes on iowa including the protesters. >> if you're following twitter like i do over the past night, something interesting happened yesterday, the occupy movement for the first time on twitter became the most trending topic beating out justin bieber. >> how is that possible? > >> shocking, right? the occupy caucuses is what's sprung up out in iowa. here's the headquarters. hand painted sign and people are coming in from all over the country expecting to protest the nomination. >> they had a kickoff yesterday in des moines and the occupiers are coming from all over the country, as clayton said, they know there are a million tv cameras in iowa betwix now and the iowa caucuses. you'll see newt gingrich and in the background it will be what about me over here? the idea is for these guys to get arrested at various campaign
4:03 am
events and in front of the campaign headquarters and stuff like that. they say they're not going to try to disrupt the actual caucus process but knowing these guys, i bet they do. >> what i had read and this has come from kcrg-tv, local affiliate in cedar rapids, they say they are going to go to the caucuses but vote uncommitted. so in other words, they like the process. so they want to take part in the process but they don't like all the candidates. >> they're registered in iowa? >> they're suggesting that other people vote uncommitted. they're hoping it will be a ground swell of uncommitted. >> it's very interesting the process. you can be a member of the republican party but if you're not registered as a republican, you can go show i.d. and be able to vote. they're going to be holding some get togethers where they'll be doing different trainings on how to occupy and other things. different seminars that the occupy caucuses will unfold. >> if you live in iowa, you know that you've got some new friends at your house.
4:04 am
and you know them by the first name. mitt, newt, michelle. how do you know them? they're on tv all the time. we are now in the final argument stage where the candidates are saying this is why you need to go out and vote for me at your caucus. we're going to show you a number of the new ads. here is mitt romney. he's got a brand new one out called conservative agenda. >> i'm going to do something to government. i'm going to make it simpler and smaller and smarter getting rid of programs, turning programs back to states and finally making government itself more efficient. i'm going to get rid of obamacare. it is a moral imperative for america to stop spending more money than we take in. it's killing jobs. and it's keeping our kids from having the bright prospects they deserve. the experience of balancing budgets is desperately needed in washington and i will take it there. >> i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. >> i wonder if all the candidates had the access to the
4:05 am
same c.d. of inspirational music. that's effective. i must say. listening to it, you're like -- >> it's hopeful. it's a brighter day. morning in america. >> very much like that. rick perry took a different tact where he did go after his opponents more. he didn't mention them. >> goes after washington. >> and he talked about basically their experience, many of them come from congress. >> and yeah, he's talked about limiting congress. this is something he's been using over the past few debates and something they do in texas which is the part time legislature down there, a part-time congress. >> if washington is the problem, why trust a congress to fix it? among them, they spent 63 years from congress leaving us with debt, earmarks. they get $174,000 a year and you get the bill. we need a solution. >> that's the reason why i've called for a part-time congress. cut their pay in half. cut their time in washington in haflt. cut their staff in half. send them home! let them get a job like everybody else back home.
4:06 am
>> i'm rick perry and i approved this message. >> i think it's the same music. >> it could be and, of course, what that particular ad does, it plays to the fact that he's been trying to hammer to the people of iowa, i'm an outsider. i'm not like those guys and that's very effective when you, you know, i hadn't done the math. i hadn't totalled up how much those congressmen -- that's a very big number. >> right. so how is all this resonating with the voters in terms of the polls today? real clear politics takes all different polls and punches them together and comes up with an average and ron paul today is on top with 22.3%. >> almost within that margin of error right now tied with mitt romney but newt gingrich, though, slipping. that's one of the bigger headlines because newt was at the top of these polls just a few short weeks ago. now slipping to third in iowa. of course, ron paul has massive organization there in iowa and has had it for four or five years. those college kids, kids that are working for free from all over the country to support the ron paul campaign, no other candidate comes close to what the paul campaign has in iowa.
4:07 am
>> you have to figure there's an item in "the wall street journal" today that will wind up in political ads. in it, they have located at the "wall street journal" something called newt notes that appeared on line for a number of years and back in the day, back in 2006, newt gingrich actually applauded mitt romney's health care plan in massachusetts. we have a little snippet of what he said. >> yeah, this was written in his newt notes and he wrote these personally according to the journal. he says we agree entirely with governor romney and massachusetts ledge legislators that our goal should be 100% insurance coverage for all americans. he praises it as a model of what the nation can do. lately at the debates and otherwise, and he's been out there slamming it saying it's, you know, government run amok and bureaucracy of the highest order. now people who have managed to find this on line, they use the way back machine that catalogs web sites for years. once the newt campaign had
4:08 am
deleted all of this, "the wall street journal" was able to find it on line even though they deleted it. >> that's a problem. that is a problem. i'm no political pundit but that's a problem because obviously all the republican candidates have been talking about obamacare and repealing that which was modelled on romney care and i believe that mitt romney talked about being in favor of individual mandates years ago. that he also thought that was the way to go and so the fact that he's been all over the map on this particular issue will be a problem that he'll have to address. >> speaking of all over the map, where is nancy pelosi this christmas weekend? the answer is she's in hawaii just like the president of the united states. the president, as we have found out, apparently his vacation is costing taxpayers north of $4 million. nancy pelosi, however, no slouch. she is staying at the four seasons, the big island of hawaii, in a suite that is $10,000 a night. not for the entire week. it's $10,000 a night.
4:09 am
>> that's unbelievable. i mean, most -- you can look on hawaii vacations for far less than that for an entire week there. >> entire family. i was fascinated -- >> go to price sf line and have william shatner find you a place. the negotiator, get him. >> the taxpayers are not paying for her suite but they are paying for some of her local police security detail at $34,000 to local taxpayers. but i was just fascinated which $10,000 a night suite must have in it. so it has an expanded spa. i like it already. >> all right. >> beachfront dining. >> you can't afford this, by the way. >> not at all. not for a second. jack nicklaus signature golf. >> she plays golf, apparently. >> that's what she likes. >> i don't know. >> it's a beautiful spot. >> look at this. >> do you think she gets to keep the towel? they don't charge you $1.99 for the water bottle. >> look, i got no problem with -- she's from -- her family has a lot of money. i got no problem with people spending a lot of money. but then the hypocrisy sometimes
4:10 am
of, you know, saying i'm with the 99%. she is really part of the very top of the 1%. just remember that. >> they should maybe align with the 99% but that's not her lifestyle. >> it certainly isn't. so while they are occupying a cornfield in iowa, she is occupying a $10,000 a night suite. >> meanwhile, let us know what you think about that. friends at >> now to the other stories making news this morning. after more than a week of searching, there's still no sign of that missing maine toddler ayla reynolds. police are offering a $3,000 reward. the largest ever in the state for any information leading to this missing 20-month-old. police say that they're treating the investigation as a kidnapping. little ayla's father claimed his daughter disappeared back on december 17th. she was last seen sleeping in her room. well, we now know the possible cause of that horrible, deadly christmas day fire that took the lives of three children and their grandparents.
4:11 am
investigators believe it could have been embers from the fireplace ashes that likely started the fire at the million dollar mansion in stanford, connecticut. the children were the daughters of former calvin klein art director madonna badger. badger and one other person were inside the house and they were saved that night. but her parents and her three daughters all died in this terrible tragic christmas day story. the white house knocking down reports last night that yemen's president is headed to new york city for medical treatment. u.s. officials say they are still considering his visa request to enter the country. he is seeking specialized care for the injuries he suffered during a terror attack on his palace back in june. well, a simple supplement could be as good for hormone replacement therapy when it comes to soothing menopause woes. this according to researchers at the university of pisa in italy.
4:12 am
dhea is a naturally occurring hormone produced in the adrenal glands in both men and women. check with your doctor or dr. sumadi if you see him. those are your headlines. >> all right. straight ahead, forget about iowa, newt gingrich taking a different road to the white house. >> i believe if i win south carolina, i'll be the nominee. >> ok. that's three races away. can the former speaker really pull that off? former south carolina governor mark sanford weighs in next live. >> he knows south carolina. >> he does! >> then imagine walking through the airport and finding 10 grand on the ground. what would you do? >> i'd go to hawaii and stay overnight. for one night. >> scoot over, nance! >> this happened to a guy in vegas and wait until you hear what he did. [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift,
4:13 am
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4:15 am
>> welcome back. if you want to pick up a package or get cold medicine or use your credit card, you need to show i.d., right? to vote in south carolina, you don't need it. no i.d. the department of justice for the federal government block a new law in south carolina that would have required voters to show photo i.d. to vote claiming it discriminates against voters. the former governor of the great state of south carolina joins us live. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning to you. >> that's a fair argument. at my store, if i want benadryl over at my walgreens, i have to show a photo i.d. why not show an i.d. to vote in south carolina? >> well, i mean, i think it makes a lot of sense. i mean, literally as you describe it whether it's getting that prescription drug or literally doing something as mundane as getting on a flight to charlotte, you need a photo
4:16 am
i.d. the state election laws are fairly fundamental to our republic but, you know, i guess eight states have now enacted some form of change with regard to their own election laws. most notably alabama and texas and what the federal government now is saying, you know, let's do -- do as i say, not as i do and coming in for the first time in 20 years in south carolina and in he is sense overruling what we've done as a state. >> and the democrats argue, look, if you ask for i.d., that keeps a lot of minorities from voting because i think i saw a statistic that there's something like 80,000 south carolinaians who don't have a government-issued driver's license so they wouldn't be able to vote on election day. >> well, but the supreme court has already ruled there's no particular hardship to going to either the government office or to a dmv office to have a form of government i.d. the law specifically proves -- i
4:17 am
mean, exempts people for religious reasons who don't want a photograph taken and exempts absentee ballots and exempts people with physical disabilities and sponsored a bill on the senate side and actually modelled this bill after the indiana bill that's been upheld by the supreme court. again, i don't think it's any particular hardship. >> ok. and the other thing is if you don't have i.d., you would think that would certainly invite mischief although there are a number of people on the left who say, there is no voter fraud in the united states, it's widespread. it might be case by case. but another day. one of the things to ask you about, sir, at a town hall meeting on friday, newt gingrich said that if he wins the south carolina primary, he will be the republican nominee for president in 2012. what do you think about that? >> well, history would stand behind that claim. if you look through the last 30 years, south carolina has been basically the barometer, if you will, as to what was going to happen in terms of eventual
4:18 am
g.o.p. nominee. for 30 years, whoever won there has gone on to win. i think that the catch, though, is, you know, will it be him? i mean, you don't want to count your chickens before they hatch so while south carolina has been a real barometer, i mean, with all due respect to iowa or other places like, that they don't go to retire there and if you look at the mix of people in south carolina. you have 4 million people and a broad swath of military installations that brought in people from all across the country and you have a whole range of different retirees because people come to retire in the mountains or, perhaps, down the coast. so it's the first real snapshot of a fairly diverse group of people and a good barometer. the catch, though, as we've seen in iowa is gingrich's numbers fell, polls have risen so the question, will he in fact be the last guy standing? if he is in south carolina, indeed, i suspect he'll win. >> have the air wars started in south carolina? because i know newt is leading real clear politics average substantially by over double
4:19 am
digits but once ron paul and mitt romney started taking shots at newt in their ads, he started a crater there. >> yeah. and i suspect, again, there's going to be a settling. nobody is going to walk out of the south carolina election with a double digit lead which is the case right now. i think that's the case in florida because, again, the air wars really haven't started in earnest. so, you know, i think you're going to see a settling. i think that there's a surprising degree of voter frustration out there. you have a lot of tea party folks, for instance, in south carolina, who work really hard in the last election cycle to get people to go to washington to make a change and what they're seeing is wait a minute, we can't even deal with a debt or deficit issue. it goes off to a commission. the commission does nothing. we're really frustrated and i think that that frustration is we've seen the flavor of the week or month with regard to g.o.p. candidates as they look for somebody who will take their fight to washington for whatever reason, they've had real question marks about whether or not romney would do that and so they've looked at a number of
4:20 am
different alternative candidates. right now, gingrich is the guy standing. we'll see if that stays. >> all right. well, we thank you, governor, for joining us during this holiday week. thank you very much. have a happy new year. see you next year. >> you too. >> thank you. >> still ahead, who will be more successful in life? you or your kids. the new research might actually sfriez you. -- surprise you. drop that dessert. meet the woman who had her cupcakes confiscated by the tsa. looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed!
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4:24 am
>> time now for news by the numbers as that graphic says. first $46 billion. when all the day after christmas returns numbers are added up, $46 billion is how much money in unwanted gifts retailers are expecting back this year. that's a lot. next, 500. we're talking miles per hour here. that is how fast a new bullet train in china can go. that nation moving forward with plans on this train despite a deadly crash involving high speed trains just last year there. and last, 700. 700 marathons in 700 days. that is the goal of australian runner tom dennis that is to say, he wants to run around the world, he says he's been inspired by the movie forrest gump. he'll start his journey on new year's eve when you never know what you're going to wind up with. ali and clay, over to you. >> that's crazy. >> i went to the gym once this year. my goal is to go once next year also. >> well, reach for the stars.
4:25 am
meanwhile, a passenger stopped at the gate after the tsa confiscated something from her carry-on saying it was a safety risk. no it was not a firearm or knife. it was a cupcake. >> joining us now is that passenger, rebecca haynes. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> walk us through this. and let's be clear that cakes and pies are allowed on in carry-on luggage on flights. but what happened as you were going through security checkpoint? >> well, the agent looked in my lunch bag and noticed that there was a cupcake. i think that there was a metal ring on the jar that might have caught the attention of the metal detector. and when the agent saw this cupcake, she turned to her supervisor and said i'm not sure to what to do with this. he responded gosh, i'm not sure either. when she came back to me with it, i thought she'd give it back to me. instead, they confiscated it. >> fascinating. you were heading back home to boston from vegas. you hadn't had any problem with the cupcake going out and we
4:26 am
should mention that you had passed the cupcake along with a couple of hummus sandwiches because you were going to have a layover and you wanted to eat lunch. now, the hummus made it through. so hummus safe. icing, dangerous. >> doesn't seem very logical, does it? >> no, what did you make of this when they took your cupcake? >> you know, i tried reasoning with the agent. i said it's clearly just a cupcake. it had a label on the jar. you could see the ingredients listed. it was in a really cute package from the bakery. but he said that it was a gellike substance because it was conforming to the shape of its container. so that was his logic. >> unbelievable. >> he had a checklist in his head. >> and running down some of the items they think could be potentially hazardous. of course, that company -- the bakery, wicked good cupcakes in massachusetts has now named that cupcake the national security velvet cake. you think, though, this is a
4:27 am
broader issue with tsa. you've had issues with them before. this is a broader example of some of our civil liberties sort of slipping away here? >> i really, truly do. i think this is the cupcake that broke the camel's back because the response i've been getting from people nationwide is that they've had concerns for years with the tsa just regularly depriving travelers of their personal property. that the tsa clearly knows is not dangerous. so why are we taking away things that aren't dangerous? that's not security. that's security theater. >> we're getting -- wicked good cupcakes has sent you one of the first national security velvet cupcakes because you never got to eat your cupcake. >> i think you have it there. >> i have it right here. you can show that to us. that does look dangerous. >> it's dangerous. >> and can you open it? >> can you crack it open. be careful! >> i actually took off the lid. watch out, stay back, america! i'm going to take a taste.
4:28 am
>> oh, good. >> go ahead. >> have a spoon. >> what does it taste like? >> it's delicious. >> man. >> that's a national security threat. thanks for sharing your story with us. once this hit the internet on -- >> it took off. so good luck to you on your next travels. hope you don't pack any baked goods in the future. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. >> we can never get you to do it. >> i do eat a lot off camera. >> that's true. you should see her. should government workers be rewarded with checks? for never calling out sick? new jersey governor chris christie not taking yes for an answer. >> and every tuesday, cheryl casone stops by to help you find work. well, next on the rundown, proof that this segment really works. that's jake. he just got a great job thanks to "fox & friends." >> then this dog has a special
4:29 am
talent. it knows how to smile. wait until you see why. it smiles on cue. >> or frowns. >> there he goes. [ male announcer ] you have plans... moments you're looking forward to... what if they were stolen from you? by alzheimer's. this cruel disease costs americans more than $180 billion a year, and could cripple medicare in the near future. the alzheimer's association is taking action, and has been a part of every major advancement. but we won't rest until we have a cure. you have plans... help the alzheimer's association protect them. act now, go to
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4:31 am
>> well, wait for it.
4:32 am
wait for it. >> notice he's smiling, guitar stops. guitar starts. dog smiles. only smiles when he hears the guitar. >> with that said, that is hilarious. that dog likes music. what can we say? >> some insight into our newsroom, too, four producers are on the computer laughing for five minutes watching this. and they're down in the control room right now giggling again. >> i'm still laughing. >> over a million people have looked at this on you tube. we don't know how many dogs with you tube access have down loaded it as well. >> that is hilarious. >> looks like my dog charlie. >> that's adorable. >> char bars. >> i could watch that. we have to do your news. let's do that. we'll show you what's happening while you were asleep, a tragedy, a medical flight ended in a crash leaving three people dead and putting a patient back
4:33 am
on the transplant waiting list. this helicopter was leaving the mayo clinic in jacksonville, florida with a heart surgeon and his assistant on board headed for gainesville hospital. but it crashed after just eight short minutes in the air. all three people on board were killed. the ntsb is now investigating. well, police are on the hunt for a possible serial killer they say in detroit. they believe the suspect is targeting female escorts on a web site. police say three of the four women found dead earlier this month all had profiles on the same site. investigators have not determined a cause of death for the victims. and call this a christmas miracle. the texas family that survived being trapped in their car for two days buried under more than four feet of snow, they're now speaking out for the first time about their horrifying ordeal. >> all we could say is i love you and we'd pray and if this was god's will, it's god's will. there was even one time she said
4:34 am
i'm thankful we're here together as a family. it's a difficult place to be. >> david, his wife and 5-year-old daughter got stuck on a highway in new mexico when the blizzard swept through the state. david's wife is still recovering from pneumonia at a hospital. las vegas might be known as sin city. this woman is being hailed as a saint after his good deed at the airport there. mitch gilbert found two unmarked envelopes just as he was boarding his flight home to colorado. little did he know they each had $5,000 in them. he called the airport repeatedly after discovering the cash. two weeks later, he found out that someone finally reported losing the envelopes. gilbert says he feels like a million bucks but the real owner got his money back two days before christmas. >> christmas miracle indeed. >> that's so wonderful that he kept at it, you know what i mean. >> in vegas! >> you can make one phone call, i tried. >> i got a busy signal.
4:35 am
>> an interesting poll came out yesterday about how americans see themselves as it relates to their parents. we often hear these stories from the parents' side which parents say, you know, my son and daughter not going to do that well. now this new poll shows how kids feel about it and they feel they're going to do pretty darn well. >> 69% of americans feel their children will be -- most feel they will be better off than their parents which is pretty interesting. that number, though, at 69% is down. last time this was asked by gallup was in 1998 and it was at 74% so fewer people feel that their children will have a bright future. >> not only that, they asked people and they asked individuals themselves. do you feel that you are more financially successful or were your parents? and americans by a large margin, 69% though it is down say we think we are more successful than our parents were at this age. at the exact age that you are. >> i'm curious why you think the disconnect is, though, we keep hearing stories from parents that think my son and daughter
4:36 am
-- >> it means our 5-year-olds, like where we are now given the state of the economy now and the unemployment rate that our 5-year-olds will never have the same opportunities that we currently have at our age. >> when i look at that, i'm thinking ok, my parents, the question is are you better off than -- are your kids going to be better off? when i think about my parents, i think about ok, in a good year, my dad made, what, $25,000, $30,000, $40,000 in a good year. they bought a house worth $25,000, $30,000. now houses are 10 times that. people get multiple of that salary rise. so i get where the question is are you better off financially than your parents? >> the answer is yes ooch. >> then you're absolutely right. what about your children going forward? only 44% think their kids will have it better than their parents. >> with the cost of college, that story a few weeks ago, $340,000 from birth to college,
4:37 am
you may rethink that. >> i have two kids in college right now. it's really real to me right now. >> this is actually a timely story because every week we bring you companies that are hiring. we do it because we want to get you back to work, help americans get back to work. >> today, we bring you another "fox & friends" success story. >> he's here on the curvy couch with us right now. jake humphrey is a "fox & friends" viewer. who joins us live. jake, where are you from? >> des moines, iowa. great to be here, guys. >> great to have you here, jake. >> tell the story, you couldn't find work and you're at a call center. >> at a call center in des moines, iowa. >> temp work. >> how did "fox & friends" help you? >> i took my morning break, tuned in, always have fox news on the tv. >> good job, man. >> tuned in and you guys had your special, i used to be a part-time employee for i-9 sports and i never thought outside of that box about full time employment for them. i saw that segment and approached my boss about the
4:38 am
opportunity and we kind of discussed the options and led to relocating at i9 sports. >> we do this segment with cheryl casone every week and she'll be here in a couple of minutes on the five jobs that are hiring right now. so you went over and you talked to them. you did have to relocate, though. >> i did. i am going to relocate, we're looking at denver, northern suburbs of denver. >> are you a skier? you will be. >> i'm from the midwest. never been out to denver, actually. >> so mountains for the first time. >> mountains for the first time. >> that's great and, you know, this is an example of your turning your love of something that you love personally, sports, into a career and plus one year out of college. there's a lot of college kids moving back home with their parents for a number of years thinking i cannot find work. what do you say to those guys? >> it comes down to use your resources. that's what it came down to and stay positive. i never thought that i wasn't going to find work, you know, i always stayed on the hunt. stayed looking. there's something out there for everybody, you know, it's something, with i9 sports, i was
4:39 am
definitely passionate about the philosophies that they bring to the table. >> what does the company do? >> national franchise for youth sports programs. as well as tee ball as well. >> it's a program where if you got a kid that's interested in those sports or wants to have fun, you take them to i9. >> absolutely. again, we emphasize that fun factor. there's highly competitive sports out there now that i think are kind of taken over the stream of things and i9 sports is a complete opposite. it emphasizes fun, safety and convenience for parents. >> and what's great is you majored in entrepreneurship and business management but somehow by watching cheryl casone on "fox & friends", you needed a reminder to, i guess, network. >> exactly. exactly. you guys just opened up my head a little bit, you know, think outside of that box and again, it goes back to those resources, who do you know? what do you know? and piecing something together for employment. >> you got your job because of "fox & friends." >> basically. arguably. >> come on. >> you guys didn't see the
4:40 am
donuts in the break room? >> all right! good man! >> that's all we need. >> way to our hearts. >> congratulations. >> i appreciate that. and great to be here. again, make sure the parents check it out. check out the nearest location near you. all those sports, great time and we have a lot of fun. >> already earning your new money, aren't you? >> i appreciate it. thanks again, guys. happy holidays. >> we mentioned a moment ago, cheryl casone, she'll be with us in a couple of minutes. >> and she'll find you a job. >> get a pencil and paper. coming up on the show, chris christie's comments make sense when you're talking about the private sector. take a listen. >> sick days should be for when you're sick. not for anything else. and if you're fortunate enough not to get sick, the payment you get is not being sick. >> but when it comes to teachers unions, it's an uphill battle. kyle olson is next to explain why sick pay is bankrupting our schools. >> but first, the trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1939, the
4:41 am
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>> you want some headlines? we got them right here. warning from the f.d.a. for parents this morning, if you give your infants liquid acetaminophen, you should double check the amount. most manufacturers recently agreed to make the drug in a single concentration to reduce the chance of errors but not
4:44 am
every company has made the changes so make sure you read small print. scuba divers off the coast of palm beach county, florida make an amazing discovery. the group swam across the remnants of a world war ii era military aircraft that is still intact. water logged, not going anywhere but still intact. ali? >> listen to this, steve, in the private sector, paid sick days are something you use only if you need them. and if you're lucky enough to stay healthy, you don't get to collect them. that's not the case if you work in the public sector in new jersey. there, public schoolteachers actually get paid out for unused sick days. and that's something that's costing taxpayers more than $825 million a year. >> the accumulated liability right now in the state for these sick days is $825 million. sick days are for when you're sick and not anything else.
4:45 am
if you're fortunate enough not to get sick, the payment you get? is not being sick. and you should get on your knees and thank god you weren't sick. >> joining us is the founder of the education action group and author of "indoctrination" kyle olson. hi, kyle. >> good morning. >> why would teachers get paid if they just are healthy and don't pay their sick days? >> because it's a collective bargaining agreement. it's not just new jersey. this occurs across the country. the union will negotiate a certain number of days in a collective bargaining agreement and then teachers are able to bank those days and when they retire, they're able to cash those out for oftentimes huge sums of money. >> right. chris christie has been railing against this, obviously, because he says that it's part of why new jersey and so many states are in the financial straits that they're in. i know you did a lot of your own resear research. let's look at some examples many
4:46 am
newark, new jersey which is a city that's had lots of financial trouble. trouble with their public schools. how much are they paying out in sick leave? >> last year alone, they paid over $4 million just in sick leave payouts. so you think about a school district. newark is a large district with a large budget but $4 million. think about how many textbooks that could buy, new computers. those sorts of things. but instead of putting the resources towards children, they're putting the resources towards the adults. and the question that i always ask is -- is this going to improve student learning and student achievement? and if the answer is no, then they shouldn't be writing that check. >> by the way, the average worker in new jersey is entitled to -- meaning at the schools, in the schools, public workers between 10 and 15 sick days a year, that's a lot. >> it is a lot. question needs to be what is appropriate? obviously, employees need sick days, i don't think anyone is arguing that. but the question is when you're
4:47 am
looking at budgets, budgets being cut, teachers being laid off, all of those sorts of things, what is the most appropriate, efficient use of resources and this clearly is not one. >> and see, you're saying just -- let's just be reasonable. i mean, let's just look at how many people -- how many days people generally need for sick days and how about what they do in the private sector usually which is -- if you don't use your three days or your five days, they expire. you don't get to bank them and keep stockpiling them year after year until they add up to tens of thousands of dollars when you retire. >> that's right. and that's where, i think, there's a disconnect between the private sector and the public sector and so we as the private sector need to hold the public sector accountable and say this is not appropriate. as we're seeing the cost of education continue to go up each year, we need to look at these expenses. it's just not -- there's a huge
4:48 am
disconnect and it needs to be dealt with. >> what are the chances that this system is going to change in new jersey or elsewhere? >> well, i think if you look at the political make-up of new jersey, obviously, you have chris christie who is taking the lead there, but you have a legislature which sees things differently. now, there are other governors who have stood up and sought these changes, scott walker is a great example. but other governors, other legislators, other cities need to tackle these issues because we can't, as taxpayers, we can't just continue to pay this bill and see the substandard results, the unacceptable student achievement levels. >> yep. kyle olson, you, of course, are the author of "indoctrination." we have governor scott walker coming up in an hour to talk about some of the political price that he has paid for going after these unions. thanks so much for coming in to talk about this. >> thank you very much. >> all right. so we just showed you a "fox &
4:49 am
friends" viewer who landed a great job thanks to one of cheryl casone's reports. well, cheryl is up next with more companies that are hiring this week. she's going to find you a job. but first, on this day in history in 1932, radio city music hall opened in new york city. in 1947, howdy dowdie made its debut on tv and in 1971, brand new keys by melanie was the number one song. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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4:52 am
>> welcome back. the answer to the question of the day, john amos. winner is sue from vermont. congratulations, sue. well, just minutes ago, you
4:53 am
heard the success story of one of our viewers that watched this segment, exactly this segment and landed a brand new job. cheryl casone from the fox business network joins me now with more companies who are hiring. nice to see you, cheryl. >> nice to see you, too. merry christmas. make some more jake humphreys out there in the united states. there are more jobs out there. >> you've been asked to find great companies that are hierri. let's start with bank of america. >> one thing for bank of america, they're looking for advisors. most are west coast jobs. you're looking los angeles, san diego but also phoenix, arizona. this need 160 advisors by the end of march, first quarter. here's what's happening. people are saving more and trying to get their credit card debt paid down. now when they have the larger amount of savings and we've seen savings rates jump over the last 12 months, they don't know what to do with that and they're afraid of the stock market. they're afraid of how to invest that money but they know they need some guidance. these advisors are going to contact people who maybe have $150,000 to $200,000 set aside.
4:54 am
so not high net worth individuals but people have something, they're nervous, merrill lynch and bank of america want to jump on that bandwagon. >> another company you found, first data. not familiar with this company. >> they process payments. whenever you go, you know, on and whenever you go to the store, they process the credit card payment for you but there's a lot of security involved. they need most of these jobs are going to be sales jobs. sales skills are very important right now. if you can sell anything whether it's a widget, whether it's basketballs, whether it's payment processing, you know, it's time to start thinking about other ways to use the skills that you have. you might not be able to stay in the same industry that you had experience in before, but you can move over to something -- who would have thought there would be sales opportunities to go to businesses for people using their credit cards? but these are 500 jobs for the year, 200, though, by the first quarter. i would definitely get on this if you're interested in this company, it's first data.
4:55 am
>> new year's resolutions, we want to lose some weight. this is a perfect time for this next company. the weight loss clinics if people want to lose some weight, they need jobs, too, and need workers there as well. >> this is completely different from weight watchers and jenny craig which, by the way, the first quarter of the year, january, this is the big season for weight loss. everybody went out and pigged out over the holidays. it's like ok, i got to lose the 20 pounds now and these are actually weight loss clinics that doctors open up. so it's doctor supervised. what they need is physician assistance, receptionists, even just nursing assistants and this can be part time or full time. but it's -- but it's a very different but a more health driven way to lose weight as in they advise you over everything. how to get you off medication for diabetes for example. >> everything for sales from doctors to counselors. next up is a job from pwc. >> it's formerly price
4:56 am
waterhouse coopers. i know you don't want to talk about taxes but honestly as a business person, i'm thinking about tax returns because you want to make some changes before the end of the year. anyway, again, first quarter is going to be really big for price waterhouse coopers. they'll need people that can come in. if you have any type of accounting skills, math skills, even if you don't think you could qualify for something at price waterhouse coopers it's worth applying. they're very much about culture, service, and also work life balance which not a lot of companies really care about that anymore but they're still one of the main firms that does kind of push that. we want you to have a balanced life but also, you know, bring your a game to work when you're here with us. >> bring your math skills there and another company that handles a lot of home security services, you get a new home. adt, you see this sign on many, many yards across the country. >> yeah, they're in 230 cities across the nation right now and service again is very important to them and they need people that can do sales, biz development. especially installers. i mean, so -- and these are jobs a lot of times -- and i've brought up this company before
4:57 am
because you have turnover. people do it, maybe they don't like it. i mean, they've got so many jobs across the country. this is national. you would have to go to the web site to see if there's jobs available in your area. but especially now, what i find interesting, do you know that crime goes up when the economy is down? that's when somebody like adt does well because in fact, a friend of my family was just robbed and she installed an entire adt system stat because of what happened to her. so that's actually an unfortunate trend of a bad economy is adt is hiring people. >> now they've got jobs out there. cheryl casone from the fox business network joins us every week with great job opportunities. check everything out and check her out weekdays on the fox business network. thanks, cheryl. >> thank you. >> great to see you. coming up on the show, no license? no problem. cops no longer allowed to impound cars of people who are here illegally. is that fair? we'll debate that next. and then some breaking news just in. an american staple, sears in big trouble.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, december 27. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen today. thought they were gone? think again. the occupiers are about to unleash their movement on the presidential campaign. voters set to get some company in iowa. >> steve: terrific. meanwhile, government health care gets the gingrich blessing? yep. former speaker of the house is praised of mitt romney's program coming back to haunt mr. newt gingrich on this tuesday morning. >> clayton: oh, the internet. everything lives there. they came out in droves, bringing back all the unwanted christmas gifts. so what presents made the cut and what got returned? your e-mails are pouring in. send us your photos of the gifts you plan to return.
5:01 am
send them anonymously so the family members don't get angry. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> this is tony danza and you're watching "fox & friends." merry christmas and a happy new year. >> steve: that's who is the boss. >> alisyn: tony shared his diet secret with us once. you remember that? >> clayton: eat a lot of pasta and dance? >> alisyn: that's mine. his is he eats healthfully six days a week and then one day a week, he just goes off the rails. >> steve: absolutely nuts. i got to reverse mine then. >> alisyn: your calculation is askew. >> clayton: brian and gretchen are off today. so you have steve who currently lives here. ali and clayton sitting in for them. >> steve: i'm just making sure that there is no damage to the curvy couch and we don't lose the security deposit. >> clayton: it's long been lost. >> steve: when was the last time you heard about the occupy people? they're back in the news today because there is a story out of iowa that apparently what they want to do is occupy the caucus
5:02 am
and coming up, people -- there is our headquarters in downtown des moines. they're arriving from kansas, chicago, madison, new orleans, new york, they're all arriving because they want to put on a show for the people who are covering the caucus. >> alisyn: also as i understand it from the local affiliate in cedar rapids who have interviewed some of them, they want people to go to the caucuses but to vote uncommitted. so in other words, clog the caucus -- so they like the process, but not the contenders. >> steve: let's think of that for a minute. >> clayton: you've got the 99 counties. you'll got all of these precincts for these candidates across the state. so when you have these caucuses with all of these protesters showing up who all they have to do is show i.d. and vote by putting votes in a shoe box basically and at thend of the night, they count them. that means everybody could be on the air for hours extra while the place clogged with uncommitted votes. >> steve: here is what will happen. they will show i.d. and go, wait a minute, you're from
5:03 am
pittsburgh. you're supposed to be a registered republican in iowa. and the cutoff for registration in iowa was november 14. so for a lot of these people who are going, we're going to go to iowa and screw everything up, i got news for you, you have missed the deadline on filing as a republican in iowa. so you won't be able to vote. >> alisyn: mike huckabee made this point. it's hard to get some iowans to even vote for people they feel passion a.m.ately about. the caucus system is much more arduous. >> steve: you got to sit around and chew the fat. it's great. >> alisyn: we'll see how many feel like turning out for undecided. >> clayton: who will turn out for those caucuses? everyone says ron paul's campaign. he's been campaigning for four or five years,s that a real strong group of folks, volunteers coming from all other states to help him. look at this poll. real clear politics poll which
5:04 am
averages a lot of the polls across the country, ron paul sits at the top of this latest poll out of iowa. >> steve: within the margin of error is mitt romney. both in the low 20s and newt gingrich is back a bit from there. actually rick perry and newt gingrich now in iowa are statistically tied, which is interesting because it shows how much those negative ads ron paul ran actually worked against the former speaker. plus you add this, the "wall street journal" has got a story this morning that they have located on-line -- you know parents how many times have you told your kids, don't put anything stupid on facebook, a picture with your kid in the red glass? what's in the glass? the stuff on the internet lasts forever. exhibit a is newt gingrich actually saying that the mitt romney health care plan in massachusetts is fantastic. >> alisyn: the "wall street journal" found this on newt gingrich's web site that they -- it no longer exists on the web site. but they were able to go back into the arrest skies found it
5:05 am
in newt's notes in which they say he gave enthusiastic support for romneycare in massachusetts. of course, here it is. we have a little portion of it for you. he says our goal should be 100% insurance coverage for all americans. >> clayton: newt gingrich has slammed mitt romney and his health care law in massachusetts, calling it bureaucratic nightmare and not a good level for the rest of the nation, although back in the newt notes he said that this is probably a good model for the rest of the nation and then as you pointed out in the clip there, is that this was 100% representative of his theory that all americans should have coverage, 100%. >> steve: hold the phone. a spokesperson for newt gingrich, r.c. hammond says that particular essay in the newt notes should not be read as an endorsement of mr. romney's health care plan.
5:06 am
he notes it raised questions about the effort, including whether the plan would work in the state. being critical isn't an endorsement. they read it as what are you talk being? it might sound like it's praise worthy, but we are being critical. >> alisyn: extrapolatinged it out further and see what that means for what he said about obamacare. if he says, our goal is for 100% insurance coverage, how do you get there? what plan does he want to get there? he'll have to answer some of those questions today. >> steve: you mean he's got a lot of explaining to do? >> alisyn: yes, lucy. >> steve: thank you. >> alisyn: let's get to your headlines. here is what's been happening overnight. the search for a missing indiana girl comes to a tragic end. now her baby-sitter is facing murder charges. police found the body of nine-year-old alaina lemon last night. since then, investigators have taken her neighbor, 39-year-old mike, into custody. he was baby-sitting the girl friday before she disappeared. at this time, police are not saying where they found the
5:07 am
remains or any other details. we now know the possible cause of that horrible christmas day fire that took the lives of three children and their grandparents. investigators say it's possible that embers from a fireplace likely started the fire at the million dollars mansion in stamford, connecticut. >> steve: it was a yule log. >> alisyn: they put it outside. >> steve: in the foyer in a paper bag. >> alisyn: the children were the daughters of former calvin klein art director madonna badger. she and her boyfriend were inside at the time of the fire but escaped. new reports from iran that an american c.i.a. agent is being put on trial today. he's accused of spying. arizona native, a former ma ryan, has been accused of infiltrating iran's intelligence service. this was reportedly photo his passport provided by the iranian government. according to the iranian government, he was arrested last august. his family denies those claims,
5:08 am
saying that he was forced into a confession on iranian television earlier this month. a major hit to an american icon, sears has just announced that it is closing more than 100 stores across the country because of less than stellar holiday sales. they made the announcement this morning. it claims sales dropped by about 5% this christmas. therefore, in the coming months between 100 and 120 sears and k-mart location also shut their doors. the company claims today's cuts will be a good thing because they will reduce expenses. those are your headlines. >> steve: nobody makes better tools. >> alisyn: is that right? >> clayton: it's true. and i love their catalogs. they still make those? no. sadly. >> steve: what's clayton looking at in the sears catalog. >> clayton: shoppers headed out in droves yesterday because at 5:00 a.m yesterday morning, people were already going out to the stores to get some of the big deals available on mega
5:09 am
monday, as it was called. >> steve: with their gift cards. >> clayton: and they got a little cash maybe in the christmas card from grandma. they also wanted to return. the day after christmas is the third biggest shopping day of the year now. 469 billion we think that we're expected to see from the whole 2011 shopping season. >> alisyn: right. so you put a positive spin on it. everybody is racing out to buy more with their gift cards. but of course, we asked you what -- >> steve: look at this. almost $50 billion worth of stuff returned. >> alisyn: wow. this day needs a name. there is black friday and cyber monday. but what do you call the day after christmas when you're racing to return all the junk? >> steve: that's grateful. >> alisyn: that is what billions of people were doing. >> clayton: it's fairly accurate. >> steve: the marketing people called yesterday mega monday. >> alisyn: but it won't always be monday.
5:10 am
>> steve: we asked you about what was something that you received from somebody who intended well, but you just think, i can't keep that. here is an e-mail from ralph in georgia. look at that hat. hat given to me by our granddaughter. no returns here. ralph, even though he would -- he looks like a chicken. >> alisyn: he's not returning it because his granddaughter gave it to him and he loves it. >> clayton: i would wear that. e-mail from beth. here is a picture of a plunger that she received. >> alisyn: come on! >> clayton: my worst christmas present was a toilet plunger given to me by my ex-husband. my feelings were hurt, but i can laugh now. i don't recommend this as a gift for husbands to buy. >> alisyn: do not get that for your wives. >> steve: take the plunger. >> alisyn: this is from twitter. best gift? still alive to see the kids and grandkids. worst kids? flu shot. doesn't a to be working. thank you. >> steve: free flu shot. then another twitter response, my best gift was a behind kin
5:11 am
and delicious chocolate and worst jacket. it's for a man and i'm a woman. it happens. >> clayton: another tweet this morning from ken. he writes, a pair of socks that didn't match. >> alisyn: now come on! >> clayton: how is that possible? did you buy one or found it? >> alisyn: did somebody give that you from their drawer? >> steve: yesterday as we were opening up our gift, my wife always prefaces it, nothing is going back. i opened up this all weather hat that she present to do myself and my son and i said, that is -- i don't know if i can wear that. she said it's not going back. and you know what? it's super weather resistant. it's guaranteed never to get wet. >> clayton: a tumble weed rolled through the living room. this photo looks like a screen shot from the movie "witness." >> steve: what? all weather hat. that's from last night when we were taking out the trash in the
5:12 am
elements. >> alisyn: i like that. the reason that this hat will never get any rain on it is because you don't ever plan to wear it again. >> steve: i wore it last night and i'm going to wear it again. and in my wife's words, it's not going back. i will wear it proudly. i might bring it in tomorrow. >> clayton: coming up, keep sending your photos. we'll show some later. >> alisyn: coming up, are ron paul's warnings about a soviet-style big government actually winning him some votes or will his doomsday scenarios come back to haunt him? peter johnson, jr. has some thoughts on that. he'll be here next. >> steve: then so much for saving the 99 percenters. nancy pelosi taking a much needed vacation in a hotel room that cost her $10,000 a night sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet.
5:13 am
carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>> clayton: welcome back. interesting discussion, this latest poll may have ron paul hold ago slim lead over romney over likely iowa caucus voters. but some say it's based off of dams day scenarios. presidential candidate released this statement about congress passing a bill to fund the department of defense. quote, when the bar is lower to do include political enemy, tore descent into total tearianism is assured. the national defense authorization act, he says accelerates it significantly. fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. is here. >> good morning. >> clayton: walk us through this murky mess. >> sure. >> clayton: the defense authorization act, specifically the area which is of contention is this idea that the united states government could imprison
5:16 am
indefinitely those folks who are presumed to be of terrorism related charges, but maybe not necessarily have gone through the process of law. is that right? >> necessarily yes. we're talking about al-qaeda. we're talking about terrorists. we're talk being people who are not americans who can be detaped. it rises from the concern that many americans and people in congress had that we were going to be treating terrorists like common criminals in u.s. courts. so this is a capacity to detain terrorists like al-qaeda. the rationale being if we can kill them overseas, there should be an availability in the law to keep them here indefinitely. >> clayton: is it black and white? i think the concern, and would you agree or disagree with ron paul on assessment? he says it contains basic and critical stipulations about the due process of law. the government cannot imprison a person for no reason and with no evidence per say without legal counsel. >> i think it's constitutionally sound. under that law, federal courts
5:17 am
are the relief valve. i think it's perversion to say otherwise. what he's saying is, and i'm not sure whether it's america first or apocalypse now. he's talking about a soviet-style dictatorship. he says we are descending into tyranny. >> clayton: so you don't believe that? >> i mean, it's overblown at the least and incredible at the worst. >> clayton: there are a number of republicans and there are a number of constitutional scholars who previous the patriot act was violation of civil liberties. >> correct. >> clayton: there are a lot of people beating that drum. republicans are not necessarily happy with it, although it may have seemed that way. so the patriot act he says is one step in that direction and he says the next step is now the defense authorization bill. >> he says a lot of things. total tarrianism is what we saw with mussolini, hitler, in north korea. that's totaltarianism. to compare what i think is a sound provision in a defense provision, $670 billion for afghanistan and iraq, is really
5:18 am
off the map. >> clayton: is it black and white -- >> yes, i think it is. >> clayton: is it so cut and dry to say this particular person, he's not american, he's a terrorist, we know that for sure, therefore, that person could be held indefinitely s that black and white? >> yeah, i believe it is. but i believe it's part affidavit greater picture in which he believes that we should not have troops overseas. we should bring them home. we should cut the defense budget and that any intrusion at all, as he believes, into american society is a step towards tyranny, a step towards totaltarianism. you look at his views in terms of defense and national security. according to one man, he says that ron paul did not believe that we should enter world war ii, that it was none of our business in, quote, saving the jews in world war ii. he also believes at the same time that this provision in this law adopted by congress, signed
5:19 am
by the president, you know, many democrats, many republicans for it, that it's somehow totaltarrianism. so i think it's important to look at the context in which he's approaching the world. is it america first or is it apocalypse now? is everything a doomsday based upon government intervention? >> clayton: peter johnson, jr., we said it would be an interesting discussion. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> clayton: coming up on the show, no license, no problem. coming up, cops no longer allowed to take away cars of illegal immigrants? does that make sense? we're debating that next. plus, when the ball drops in 2011, the government is making you change to a new light bulb. what they haven't told you, some of them are catching fire
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
>> alisyn: 23 minutes past the hour. time for quick headlines. new video of prince philip leaving a hospital in england. he spent four nights there after undergoing treatment for a blocked coronary artery. and that multi vitamin you're taking every day might be good for nothing. a new study out of england finds people who take the supplements are just as likely to develop cancer and heart disease later in life. steve? >> steve: thank you. starting january 1, california can no longer tow vehicles or impound vehicles of drivers stopped at sobriety checkpoints if they don't have a driver's
5:24 am
license. supporters say it will help keep the roads safe. but critics say it unfairly targets illegal immigrants. for a fair and balanced debate, we're joined by the california city councilman ed gallo, and immigration attorney, francisco hernandez. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: so going forward, the police will not be able to impound a car if the driver doesn't have a driver's license. francisco, don't we want drivers of cars to have driver's licenses? >> sure, we do. the problem here is that we won't allow these folks undocumented immigrants to get their driver's license and at the same time, we do give them tickets and collect their fines. it seems to me we're talking out of both sides of our mouth. >> steve: if somebody doesn't have a driver's license, do they really know how to drive? do they understand -- what does that sign mean? what do i do with that thing right there in front of me? >> there is plenty of u.s. citizens that don't have a driver's license. there is plenty that have never had a driver's license and are
5:25 am
driving t. doesn't necessarily insure that the roads are going to be safer. but i agree with you, we should get them to get driver's licenses. we should require them to have insurance. but if we won't allow them to get driver's license, then they can't get insurance, but we still ticket them and collect their fines. we're making money off of them. >> steve: you think is a crazy idea? >> absolutely. illegal aliens in this country cannot get a driver's license. we are a country of laws and we expect the citizens of the us to us abide by the laws. in california, the vehicle code states that you must have a valid driver's license in your possession and the only way you can get a driver's license is you have to follow the rules. obviously there is a lot of people who tonight follow the rule. now, i've attended a majority of the checkpoints that we've held in the county over the past couple of years. i can tell you that there is no
5:26 am
targeting of any ethnic group. it's all just random situation. right now the illegals have this network going on with their texting and black berries and ipads and ipods and all this other electronic gear where as soon as they know where a checkpoint is, they divert around the town. the fact is, if you're not going to tow someone's car, if they don't have a driver's license, what have you solved? you haven't done anything. you've taken away the goal for anybody to get a driver's license because they know, i'll just pay the fine, no big deal. so they call somebody to come and get their car and drive them home. two blocks down the road, the guy who owns the car says, let me back in the driver's seat. he's back on the road again. what have you accomplished? nothing. >> steve: francisco, driving is a privilege. not a right. >> that's still considered under the law. i would disagree because i have to get to work somehow. so i would disagree. but the law still consider it is
5:27 am
a privilege. but the towing the cars is not the problem. the problem is that these folks would like to apply to be here and work legally. >> steve: then do it legally. if you want people to have driver's licenses, in this country, there's a process. you've got to be a citizen to get a driver's license. so just go through -- i know they changed that in california. but in many place, you need to be a citizen to get a driver's license. so just go ahead. >> you can be a legal resident and get a driver's license. the problem is these folks are not allowed to apply for their legal residency much less driver's license or insurance. so if they hit you, they're able to make them financially responsible. >> steve: ed, the final word on this? >> if they were to come through the legal process, there is not an issue there. okay? and why do the judges -- traffic court judges, and i heard this myself when i was a kid or i
5:28 am
might have been 20 at the time. driving is a privilege. not a right. that's what this country is all about. it's a country of laws and if you don't want to abide by the rule of law, then we have a big problem. >> steve: all right. we'll end it right there for this tuesday. ed and francisco, we thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: whose side do you come down on? do you think it is proper to impound a car if somebody doesn't have a driver's license or not? e-mail us. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. still to come on this tuesday, his crusade to cut the budget landed him in a whole new fight. a fight to keep his job. wisconsin governor scott walker weighs in coming up next. and then deck the halls with dollar bills. former speaker nancy pelosi celebrating christmas in style. her hotel room cost $10,000 a night. life is good in the 1%. yep. twas the night before christmas and in one family's house, a creature was stirring.
5:29 am
it wasn't a mouse.
5:30 am
5:31 am
>> clayton: all right. steve is monitoring all of the return gift e-mails coming in. >> steve: plus i'm looking at a lot of you are quite upset about
5:32 am
nancy pelosi's christmas overnight at a $10,000 a night suite. >> clayton: you miss that had story, we have more on that coming up in just a second. we'll show you the suite. but first -- it's huge. not everyone in iraq is glad the united states troops are gone. a group of iranian dissidents is insisting on protection by the americans. jennifer griffin tells us why. >> in april, dozens of iranian dissidents were killed, some of them run over by iraqi forces in u.s. manufactured tanks after u.s. forces handed over control of a refugee camp. now it seems the united nations and the iraqi government have reached an agreement to resettle these 3400 iranians at camp liberty, the former u.s. military base near baghdad before helping them leave iraq where many feel without u.s. protection, they will be killed. u.s. state department welcomed the agreement which may or may not protect these dissident refugees. who are these iranians left
5:33 am
stateless in iraq and why does the u.s. have a responsibility for them? the group have been based in iraq since the 1980s. saddam hussein gave them protection because they were fighting the mullahs in iran. sips the u.s. military toppled saddam, iranians have been demanding iraq hand over the exiles whom tehran considers traitors and spies. they're still on the state department terrorist organization list because they allegedly killed six american diplomats in the '70s. however, they have also helped the u.s. they were the ones who provided information about the secret uranium enrichment facility, a key intelligence breakthrough for the west. iran is so threatened by them that when an agreement was rumored in recent days, iran's kud force fired these rockets at them. former national security advisors lobbied the state department to protect the people there. >> the united states general
5:34 am
gave a guarantee in 2003 when we invaded iraq and they surrendered their arms, heavy arms and light arms that they could have used to defend themselves. >> fox news obtained the 2004 letter signed by u.s. army major general jeffrey miller. deputy commanding general of multi national forces insist who wrote, quote, i am writing to congratulate each individual living in the camp on their recognition as protected persons under the 4th geneva convention. >> we asked a group of people to disarm themselves, to give away, surrender their capability of defending themselves and in exchange for that, we promised them, we made a commitment that we would provide for their safety and security. >> the 3400 iranian dissidents living in the camp worry they will be killed if left in iraq without u.s. protection. in washington, jennifer griffin,
5:35 am
fox news. >> alisyn: that's an important story. we've been following it on fox. let's get to the rest of your headlines and tell us what else is happening. a medical flight carrying a new heart for a transplant patient ends in tragedy. the helicopter was leaving the mayo clinic in jacksonville, florida with a heart surgeon examine his assistant on board headed for gainesville hospital, but it crashed after just eight short minutes in the air. the ntsb is now investigating. police are on the hundred for a possible serial killer in detroit. they believe the suspect is targeting female escorts on a web site that's similar to craigslist called police say the three of the four women found dead earlier this month all had profiles on the site. investigators have not determined a cause of death for the victims. compact lamps or csls are more energy efficient, but could be more dangerous than regular light bulbs. the consumer product safety commission launched its on-line safety complaints database in march, there have been 34
5:36 am
reports made about the csls. some say they emitted smoke or burning odor. there are four other reports of them actually catching fire. check this out. a family in bountiful, utah, gets a surprise visitor the night before christmas. >> steve: lassie? >> alisyn: was it one of santa's reindeer? the deer reportedly came crashing through the home's window well before making its way into the downstairs bedroom. animal experts eventually came to remove it. it looks peaceful. >> steve: aren't they supposed to come down through the chimney? >> alisyn: they are. >> clayton: they sit on the roof. and this one must have slipped in. >> alisyn: the owner looks like he's going, oh, i'm sorry. i didn't know anyone was in here. >> steve: let's take a look at the radar and satellite. we've combined them to show where you it feels like winter. down through the central mississippi valley, we got a little snow on this tuesday morning that feels like kind of a monday morning. then a bunch of rain moving into the big northeastern corridor.
5:37 am
cities throughout the day, down through the mid atlantic and portions of florida as well. the central plains states are dry for the most part. and things there, not so warm. look at this, currently out in kansas city, they've got 38, which is about the same as memphis and chicago and cleveland as well. here in new york city, we got 42, like 42nd street, same as raleigh. little warmer near atlanta. the spot to be would be near portions of florida with temperatures now in the 60s. later on today in tampa, they should crank it up all the way to 75. 60s along the gulf coast and much of texas. northern plains will have the 30s and 40s, as will portions of new england. cleveland, ohio, later today, 38. meanwhile, today in hawaii, the high temperature should be in the 70s. >> alisyn: very timely. >> clayton: that's where nancy pelosi is on a bit of a say -- vacation. your e-mails are pouring in because she checked into a hotel
5:38 am
on a hawaiian vacation. a lot of people go to the caribbean or maybe hawaii for a get away from some of the cold weather. her hotel suite her night, $10,000 a night. >> alisyn: wow! so this is the four seasons in kona on hawaii. you'll be happy to know it's an expanded spa, beach front dining, of course, jack nicholas signature golf. she's wealthy. >> steve: she is. >> alisyn: she's allowed to go a beautiful hotel. >> steve: absolutely. it's just a lot of you are infuriated because she does try to represent herself as representing the little guy, the 99 percenters, yet she lives out there. it's interesting, if she stays there two or three nights at $10,000 a night, she would effectively be spending more on a weekend than the average american makes in a year, which
5:39 am
is extraordinary. and while that is a lot, our president is on vacation and that -- his trip is costing us $4 million. ben and stacy wrote from north carolina, ocean front resort rooms in myrtle beach are as cheap as $3,500 a night in the offseason. my wife and i were lucky this year that they were able to stay two nights in a row. that is the america us taxpayers live in. we have never even owned a car that cost ten grand. >> alisyn: myrtle beach is beautiful. not as warm. >> clayton: it's cold. that's true. >> steve: if you want to spend $10,000 a night, i know a room for you. >> alisyn: there are less expensive places to stay in hawaii as well. it's interesting that the local taxpayers are paying $34,000 for her trip, for local police. >> steve: right. this isn't the first time she's been there. this is the third year in a row she's gone to that particular place and racked up a gigantic bill. >> clayton: i wonder if you get to keep the slippers for that price, right? >> alisyn: i don't think so. >> steve: you know what?
5:40 am
if you can afford 10,000, you can afford your own slippers. >> clayton: that's right. don't reverse the charges. coming up on the show, he fought hard to cut wisconsin's budget and now fighting to keep his job. governor scott walker here next in the midst of his recall effort. >> alisyn: it seemed all odds were stacked against stevie. he's a dog. he's blind and he was lost, far from home. then a christmas miracle happened. we'll tell you about it coming up. [ male announcer ] you have dreams...
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goals for the future... what if they were stolen from you? by alzheimer's. this cruel disease is the sixth leading cause of death, and affects more than 5 million americans.
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the alzheimer's association is taking action, and has been a part of every major advancement. but we won't rest until we have a cure. you have dreams... help the alzheimer's association protect them. act now, go to >> clayton: got quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. >> steve: talk about driving someone up a tree. look at that.
5:43 am
a speeding driver in india lost control of his car and landed in this awkward position, staring straight up at the sky. luckily he walked away with nothing but a couple of bumps and bruises and pride damaged. then a big monday night for drew brees and the new orleans saints. he set the nfl record for yards passing in a single season, breaking a mark that dan marino held for 27 years. new orleans saints also clinching the nfc's south title with a 45-16 victory over the atlanta falcons. congratulations. >> clayton: the battle over wisconsin's law limiting collective bargaining passed by governor scott walker earlier this year looks like it will be reignited once again. >> alisyn: after weeks of crisscrossing the state a group leading the effort to force a recall election to oust governor walker claims they have nearly the 540,000 signatures needed
5:44 am
for that recall to take place. >> steve: joining us with more is republican governor of the great state of wisconsin, scott walker. good morning to you. >> good morning. we got hats off to drew brees, but the super bowl still goes to the winner and the winner is going to be the one going through the land of all the way through. hopefully our next trip is to indianapolis. >> steve: that's right. joining us with sports is governor of wisconsin, scott walker. >> we got the badgers coming up in the rose bowl. >> steve: we just mentioned the recall and i know your political opponents are trying to get hundreds of thousands of signatureses. there is an item that says that signatures of mickey mouse and adolph hitler are being considered valid because they may be properly dated. that seems crazy, doesn't it? >> well, the whole process is pretty unusual. we had one of the local affiliates here about someone signing it proudly saying they signed 80 different recall petitions as well. so we went to court a week ago saying the government
5:45 am
accountability board, the agency that runs elections in wisconsin should be making a perfectly clear that the law, as we see it, says you should be able to sign it once and only once and it should be for a legal citizen. to me, we're going to protect the integrity of the citizen, it should be for people who have every right to sign it, but for those who don't want to sign it, their voice should count as much as anybody else. >> clayton: you have to be concerned because we reported it on fox a few days before christmas, obviously started rolling out some ads in an effort to put up a bulwark against this recall effort. how concerned are you that this is going to happen? >> we take it very seriously. they already, in the first 30 days, claimed at least they collected a half million signatures. they've got a goal of collecting nearly million that would put them over the total they need n. our state you need quarter of all the votes cast in the last election to force a recall election, which is essentially a new election. we're running very positive ads that talk about how our reforms work. we've got stories from teachers
5:46 am
and school board members and parents and small business owners. the other side has been running plenty of negative ads that really distort the truth. in fact, one of them said it was false. another one couldn't be more false in the sense that we were one of the states that added more funding to medicaid than any other state out there protecting our seniors and needy families and children. there is plenty much distortions out there. >> alisyn: it's interesting, it sounds as though some of those ads must be work. in the latest poll it shows basically the people of your state are almost evenly divided. 49% oppose this recall effort. 47% support the recall effort. you just gave this interesting interview to the wisconsin center for investigative journalism in which you admit and you talk about the mistakes that you made over the past year. what is one of the mistakes you've made? >> i think the biggest thing is looking back, hindsight is 20/20, but i look back to january and february of 2011 thinking, i looked at it kind of
5:47 am
like a small business owner. i said, here is a problem. here is a solution. now just go out and fix it. and what i probably should have done is spend more time laying the ground work, making the case over and over again about how school districts prior to our reforms would have to pay tens of millions of dollars more for things like their health insurance. you have examples of people abusing overtime like the bus driver in madison who is making $150,000 or more per year. those sorts of excesses and abuses are things we tried to fix, but we didn't lay the groundwork for it. so when we did it, the national big government union bosses came out and spent literally millions of dollars attacking us. they did again in the supreme court race. they spent tens of millions of dollars throughout the summer attacking state senators recall elections. this is our first chance to tell the other side of that story, a story that in many ways would have been better if i told it in january or february. but i can't go back in time. so now i have to move forward. that's how we hope to move the state forward. >> steve: l governor, we know that when you tack office, you
5:48 am
had high hopes for job creation and in the first 11 months in office, i know that they have in your state created something like 16,000 jobs. but you were hoping that that number would be a lot bigger. i know the promise is, what, a quarter million by 2015? >> right. 250,000 new jobs by 2015. the private sector creating those. not the government. but we said we'd create a better environment for it. put that in context. the three years prior to me taking office, wisconsin lost 150,000 jobs during the first 11 months of this year -- >> steve: so are you on track, governor? >> well, yes and no. we had 16,000 net new jobs versus 150,000 lost. if you break that down every month, no, it's not on track. but if you look forward, we figured it would compound, go back to that sports analogy at the beginning, if you take over a 1-15 team, they're not going to go to the super bowl the next year. but if you have a four-year plan, they are. same thing is true with us.
5:49 am
lost 150,000, now we're moving forward. >> clayton: that's the same criticism a lot of people have been saying of president obama, that yes, he inherit add bad economy, but enough is enough already. blaming the previous administration. look at governor rick perry, critics are saying of you, creating an enormous amount of jobs down there in texas. the associated press sort of painting it as if you're walking away from this jobs pledge at which one point you said you wanted it branded on the foreheads of why you are cabinet officials. are you walking away from that pledge? >> no, not at all. people asked me, locally here, are you sorry you made that? did you aim too high? i said no, if you don't aim high for the thousands of people in our state who are still unemployment, we've got to have a big goal. a year ago we were at 7.6% unemployment. today we're at 7.3%. that's much better than where the president is nationally. it's much better than where neighbors are like illinois, 10%. so we'd like to have more job, but in the end, unemployment rate is down. it's fallen the last four months consecutively. it's better than it was a year ago and we're heading in the right direction. the last thing we want to do is
5:50 am
reverse that with a recall and start going back to the policie that cost us 150,000 jobs. >> alisyn: we know you'll be watching january 17 closely to see if they have collected all those signatures. governor scott walker, thanks for coming in and talking to us. >> clayton: and go packers. >> happy new year. >> steve: straight ahead, on this tuesday, he's blind and got lost far away from home. but despite the odds, stevie, the dog, somehow got home safe in time for christmas. you got to hear how he did it when stevie joins us next. >> alisyn: that will be quite a segment. let's check in with gregg jarrett for what's at the top of the hour. >> that's a cute little stevie. >> alisyn: he is. >> steve: stop it, you're make meg uncomfortable. >> seven days until the first of the nation's presidential voting. the iowa caucus. the president has seen a surge in his approval ratings. our political panel will debate why. and news to tell you b strong holiday sales. all of that, top of the hour. we'll see you then on "america's
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5:54 am
>> alisyn: listen to this story, right after thanksgiving, belinda gutierrez came home to an empty house. her beloved and blind dog named stevie was missing. four days later, her landlord told her that he had seen stevie's body dead on the side of the road. but then last week, linda got a big surprise. a good samaritan told her that she had found stevie and he was very much alive. belinda and stevie are joined by that good samaritan, brook, who delivered the christmas miracle. ladies, good morning and hi, stevie. >> good morning. say hi, stevie. >> alisyn: she looks spirited and as we said, alive. belinda, i want to start with
5:55 am
you. you must have been very worried when first your landlord told you that while fixing something in your house, he had accidentally let stevie out and knowing that stevie was blind, what did you think was going to happen? >> well, i thought he was going to get hurt. i live on a nine acre property and there is a lot of little wild creatures out there that could have hurt him and he always wants to play with something that he finds. so i was worried about that. >> alisyn: and then he was missing and you didn't know where he was. you were very worried about him. and brook, explain how you learned that this dog you didn't know, stevie, was about to be euthanizeed. >> i teach at highland high school and we have a voices for animals club and through that, i'm a member of a group that posts dogs that are destined to be euthanized at animal care services in san antonio. and stevie was one of the dogs that they posted.
5:56 am
so i put a save a life hold on him and that was how i saw him, i saw his picture on the web site. >> alisyn: you saw he had a tag, so you knew there must be an owner out there who is missing him. so you figured out that it was belinda. tell me about that phone call when you called her. >> yes. when i saw the collar and the tag, i figured that he belonged to someone, so i checked on craigslist and went to lost and found and put in lost blind dog and stevie popped up. and her contact information was in the post and so i sent her an e-mail as well as a telephone call, left her a message and he was reunited with her. >> alisyn: belinda, you must have been so heartened and shocked because your landlord had told you that stevie had actually been hit by a car. so what did you think when you got the phone call? >> well, i asked her, i said, are you sure? i was told something different.
5:57 am
she said, well, the picture that she saw on the craigslist and stuff sure did look like stevie. so you text me over -- i got a picture from acs and i told my daughter to look at the picture and she said yes, that's stevie. yep. it was him. >> alisyn: such a wonderful story. stevie looks very happy to be home, very relaxed. and congratulations on getting him back right around christmas. belinda gutierrez and brook, great investigative work, brook. stevie looks very happy. great to meet you guys. thank you so much for the story. >> thank you. >> alisyn: we have more "fox & friends" for you in two minutes he'd yet to hear of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future
5:58 am
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>> steve: we hope you will join us tomorrow, same time. mitt romney, who wants to be your president, we got a bunch


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